4-5 October 2022

A two-days fieldtrip dedicated to the active tectonics, geomorphology, structure and evolution of the SE Carpathians (along Buzau and Putna valleys), including the link with the deep lithospheric evolution of the Vrancea area, will be organized on 4-5 October 2022. We propose an interestingly and challenging journey into the SE Carpathians Bend Zone natural laboratory. Here we can observe the interaction between the surface evolution shaping the landscape like river incision, landslides, or “anomalous” catchment areas and deep lithospheric processes responsible for the uplift observed in the fold and thrust belt associated with coeval subsidence in the foreland Focsani Basin and intermontane basins such as Brasov or Tg. Secuiesc.

Guides: Lect. Dr. Ioan Munteanu, Faculty of Geology and Geophysics

Price for early booking (until 15 August): 110 Euro
Standard booking (15 August-15 September): 150 Euro

After 15 September – closed.

Contact person: Ioan Munteanu