Information for Presenters


Hybrid Event - Give your presentation In Person or Online

The conference will be organised as a hybrid mode.
Speakers must be registered for the event.

Oral presentations will be scheduled online -Day 1
Poster presentations will be schedule on-site- Day 2
Invited presentations will be schedule on-site-Day 2

Presentation templates

Please download the power point presentation template for your presentation. This template is to be used for:
• Oral presentation, both in-person and pre-recorded; time schedule for presentation (12 minutes) + questions: 15 minutes
• Do not use this template if you attend the Symposium in Bucharest and present your poster onsite.

Onsite poster presentations

The poster presentation is equal in importance to an oral presentation.
Please download the power point template for onsite poster presentations if you have selected the presentation format ‘In person’.

Poster Format: Mandatory formats   80*120 Portrait or A0 format Portrait. You are required to use `Portrait` layout for your poster. In order to obtain the required design for your poster, it is recommended to use the provided TEMPLATE. Divide the poster into at least 2 columns for readability of text. Illustrations may extend over 1 or 2 columns.


Frequently Asked Questions
►How do I access the online conference?
In order to access the online conference, you will receive your unique LINK for accessing the portal to the conference. It will be provided to you prior the event
► What will I need in order to participate in the online conference?
A computer that has internet access (ideally high speed), camera & microphone
► What browser should I use?
We ask you to give your preference to Google Chrome (version 79+) as your browser. Some other browser may not work proper. This is why it is recommended that all speakers to join the test sessions (4 October) to detect in time if you have computer or browser restrictions when login to the Event Platform. You can download Google Chrome here.
► My session froze and can’t hear the presenters anymore. What can I do?
In case your screen freezes or you are unable to see the Questions, please refresh your screen and re-enter the session.
► Can I send in questions during a presentation?
Yes, you can enter questions at the start of the session. Questions will be discussed during the Q&A part of the session.
► When will the pre-recorded presentations be published online?
The pre-recorded presentations will be available only during the event, according to the schedule.
► Will all other delegates see the questions I send in for the presenters during the live session?
The questions first have to be approved by the session host, and only then the chairpersons, presenters and other delegates will be able to see your question.
► Will the pre-recorded presentations be available after the conference?
The pre-recorded presentations will not be available after the event.
► How can I join a live session?
When joining a live session you may need to click at the “play” button that appears on the screen. This depends on the settings of your browser.

Speakers & Chairpersons

► What do I need to do for my presentation on event days?
Enter the session approx. 5-10 min before the scheduled start time
Check if your camera and microphone work well
Make sure you wear a headset to avoid a feedback loop

Pre-Recorded Video Preparation Instructions

For ONLINE delegates with oral presentations

  • The online part of the GEOSCIENCE 2023 will be organized similarly to a regular conference, but each presentation will be pre-recorded and will be played in a live video stream on a defined schedule. Attendees may watch the presentations and have a live interaction with the speaker during the Q&A live session.

These are the official submission instructions for all ONLINE presentations:

-Please plan to submit your presentation as soon as possible after you register and NO LATER THAN 15 September 2023.

-Please download the mandatory power point presentation template for your presentation.


• maximum 15 minute video presentation.
• Use the conference power point template to create presentation slides;
• Save the video with the following name: “Session number_FirstName_LastName” ;
• Save the file in mp4 video format
• Upload/drop your file

Audio/Video File Requirements

  • All files must be in MP4 Format
  • Duration: 15 minutes -Oral Presentation & 5 minutes for Poster Presentation
  • Arrangement: Your voice, Face view, over slides
  • Dimensions: Minimum height 480 pixels
  • File size: Maximum 100 MB
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (widescreen format)

-Your presentation will be made available only to registered attendees during the event.

-Symposium attendees will be able to pose questions to authors in the online discussion session.

There are several tools available to easily record a presentation. You can use any meeting software, as long as you have a recording of good quality and your final file is in the MP4 format

Sending Your Pre-Recorded Video Presentation

Authors submitting presentations agrees with the Terms & Conditions of the Event, which grants the symposium organizer the permission to receive, display, and archive the media files submitted for use during the event.

Please check your pre-recordings before uploading them to the system to ensure that both audio and video are good.

If you face technical difficulties during this process, please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address: We can provide you additional solutions for sending us your presentation.

Send us your file or link to download it at